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Lemongrass and Rosemary Bath and Foot Soak

Lemongrass and Rosemary Bath and Foot Soak

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Scented with the relaxing, soothing scent of LEMONGRASS AND ROSEMARY pure essential oils.  
LEMONGRASS essential oil is used as aromatherapy to relieve muscle pain, externally to kill bacteria, ward off insects, and reduce body aches.  
ROSEARY is shown to boost nerve growth factor and support the healing of neurological tissue and brain function.
The addition of European Sea Salts and Magnesium Oil helps ensure your muscles will feel relaxed, and are soothing to tired, achy muscles due to exercise, working in the yard, and even when not feeling well. Vegan friendly.
Soaking in a hot salt bath stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, and reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, while relaxing the muscles and the mind. Indulge yourself or give as a gift.
Solar Sea Mineral Detoxing Spa Bath Salts provides you warm bath infused with nutrient-rich minerals from the Mediterranean Sea, to soothe sore muscles or relax after a long day. 
Buy them all for yourself or give some as gifts.  They make great Hostess gifts for that last minute gift giving need.
•• Provides a true at home spa experience.
•• These salts are produced using the ancient method of solar evaporation in a region that has no pollution and has high evaporation rates.
•• European Spa Salts are solar evaporated and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
•• European Spa Salts are one of the purest salts in the world.
•• Bring the spa home, without the time or expense of going to one!
Ingredients: Solar Sea Salt, magnesium oil, pure essential oils, bath save colorant
Packaged: Stand up pouch. with zipper closure.

Size: 8oz

Material: European Spa Salts

Item Fit / Dimensions: 8oz Pouch

Made In: USA

Shipped From: Excelsior Springs, MO

Lead Time: 5 - 7 days